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7 Mobile Apps That Are Stress Busters

Abnormal stress levels have known to be one of the biggest triggers for a host of medical conditions. So, managing your stress levels is something that you should aspire to learn. Whether it is an occasional outburst or a daily occurrence, stress will invariably affect your overall health and productivity. In the digital age there is however some apps and tools that can help you fight this battle against stress. Whether you feel bogged down by pressures of work or lonely because you are alone, there are ways to lift up your spirits and make you feel happy and satisfied, less anxious and therefore, less stressed.

Popular apps that work like stress busters:

  1. Pacifica: This popular stress buster app offers breathing exercises which can help you de-stress. There are muscle relaxation workouts, daily anti-anxiety experiments, and even a mood tracker tool which is capable of analyzing the user’s state of mind to identify the stress triggers. When you record your own thoughts, you can get a grasp of the ways in which you mind works. Are you tired with trading bitcoins all through the day? You have a digital automated solution for both trading and stress relief. Go through this bitcoin pro erfahrung to learn about automated bitcoin trading apps.
  2. Headspace: This app comes with a cute design and is essentially a meditation app with targeted meditations. The meditations focus on productivity, happiness, sleep, and mindful use of technology to help bring peace and balance in all your daily lives. When you go through a mindfulness exercise with Headspace, you can develop improved focus, relieve stress levels, and become less sensitive to the anxiety triggers.
  3. GPS for the Soul: This is a fantastic app which uses your smartphone camera and other tools for measuring user’s heart rate to understand stress levels. It uses pictures, poetry, and music to lower stress levels and because it is a versatile and interactive tool, it is worth trying out.
  4. Imgur: This is a funny site which provides comic materials or comic images in GF formats. You can find different types of funny images in this app and the interface is also super easy to use. You can explore a variety of comic attributes through this platform which are likely to make you feel less stressed out and more relaxed.
  5. Rootd: When you download this app you can hope to improve your anxiety and panic. It offers mindfulness exercises and guides to master tactics like deep breathing. This app is equipped with an emergency contact key for contacting someone you love or calling a hotline when you are distressed and need help. There is a Personal Stats Page that tracks how many panic attacks you have experienced and overcome.
  6. The Mindfulness App: This offers multiple options for practicing and learning the art of meditation. You may choose a meditation of any duration, 3 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on your preferences. You can also choose any type of meditation tactics, meditation tracks, and mindfulness notices. When you choose the paid version you will get access to meditation courses, updated content, and guided meditations.
  7. Calm: This stress buster app will help you on the journey to enjoy a calmer mind. It will show you how best to get there through guided meditations and different breathing exercises, tell you bedtime stories which help your mind to relax, and promote better sleep patterns.